“Summer of 2009 is coming to a close quickly and some of the best deals in a generation are leaving with it.”

 That’s what one of our best market experts said recently. Our market is showing signs of positive change! The article   that  our own Ryan Ward wrote recently notes  statistics that the market is turning around.   

Here are some of those indicators  of real changes for the better in the market:

  • Positive year over year closings (more this year than last, sales volume is up).
  • Total price declines are continuing to decrease and would almost disappear by precluding condos and townhomes.
  • Average prices are up $43,000 from the low in February 2009.
  • December of 2006 was the last time inventories were as low as they are right now!
  • Expired listings are down – again. That’s nine straight months of decline.

 We  have helped many 1st time home buyers realize their dream this year.  That  $8,000 tax credit  was huge for everyone of them. We have helped many folks downsize, upsize,  and relocate to different areas.  Understanding and educating on the specific market, knowing what our clients want, and making it a great experience for each one is our promise to our clients.   Don’t let those BEST DEALS pass you by. 

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