So . . . what about that Kitchen re-do?

So . . . what about that Kitchen re-do?

Marian McPherson, a Staff Writer with provides some great info for everyone considering a Kitchen Re-Do!  Whether you are wanting to sell, and want to maximize your listing price by updating your Kitchen (GREAT RETURN ON INVESTMENT), or are settling in for a few more years, updating your Kitchen breathes new life into your home!  



It’s that time of year!  If you’ve resolved to ring out the old and start the New Year with clean slate, you’re in good company!  Here are the this year’s most popular resolutions:

#10 in the land is to find a new or better job (real estate sales? Call me!)
# 9 is the resolution to participate in volunteerism, or contribute more to charity (awesome!)
# 8 is near and dear to my heart:  Learn something new.  Being ‘learning based’ is the BEST way to be!
# 7 is the resolution to exercise more.  This ALWAYS makes the list, and it doesn’t have to be drudgery! Just go for a stroll around your neighborhood every day; go to a local Mall and window shop for an hour whenever you can break free. Choose something fun that’s also physical. You can do it!
# 6 is beautiful, and that’s spend more time with family & close friends.  Never let the Holiday season determine the frequency of time spent with family and friends.
#5 is do more new and exciting things!  What are you passionate about?  Make 2018 the year you actually DO something about it!  Learn to fly, take an art class, save up and go fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, volunteer to be a book reviewer if reading is your passion . . . the list is endless.  My husband wrote a book about it called ‘Define Your Passion‘ to help people discover theirs (it’s on Amazon, by JDWalker . . . just saying)!


#4: Quit smoking. Amen!  Do you own cigarettes or do they own you??  That was my husband’s revelation 20 years ago, and he purposed to put them down so his little girl (age 11 at the time) would never pick them up.  Quit smoking.  This you CAN do.
#3 is to make smarter financial decisions (and watch your future grow brighter – immediately). My husband and I have taught Financial Peace University so I can tell you from personal experience living on a budget makes every week better!
#2 makes the list as often as quitting smoking, and that’s to lose weight and eat healthier.  Here are 5 great ways to achieve losing weight and eating healthier:             > Stop buying frozen dinners  > Take cooking classes  > Eat out at Farm-to-Table Restaurants > Cut back on white bread and white potatoes by half > Add Resolution #7 and incorporate a way to be physically active for 15 minutes each day


#1 is to buy a home or move.  So many people lost their homes and had to resort to renting during the downturn!  Widespread economic recovery has returned our desire to regain home ownership, plus the ability to relocate to someplace we’ve always wanted to live.  Of course I applaud this, being in the real estate industry, but more so I am so encouraged that families, like yours and mine, have regained control of our destinies!

I wish for each of you the very best in the New Year!   I’m in business with the best Agents. My team will deliver VIP service to you, and help you achieve YOUR resolution to move into YOUR dream home, dream neighborhood, or dream school district.  No matter where in the U.S., Canada, or anywhere abroad I can help you make the move!

All My Best!



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