Beautiful landscaping dedicated by Roswell

Beautiful landscaping dedicated by Roswell

ROSWELL, Ga. – There was a time a walk in the park meant just that. One would take a stroll through some idyllic glade, perhaps to stop and feed some ducks. Today’s parks are much more purposeful, filled with ball parks and gymnasiums, specially purposed buildings for dance, theater, arts and crafts.

Well, Roswell has created a throwback to days perhaps not so long ago, but with one word says it all:


Yes, there are jogging trails, bike trails and swimming pools. But what about simply enjoying the out-of-doors for its own sake? What about contemplation and simply communing with nature?

You can thank Susan Rumble who put forward the idea for the Serenity Garden. She took it to Recreation and Parks Director Morgan Rodgers, who liked it right away.

“I wanted to do something that would make the park a destination and this was on the right track,” Rodgers said.

So he told Rumble to write a white paper outlining the goals and where it would be to present to the Mayor and City Council.

“So that’s what I did after talking to Morgan,” Rumble said. “Of course with Morgan there is always a ‘Yes, and …’ So he added some of his ideas to make it a destination within the park. But everyone on the City Council but one said they liked it.”

So with the council’s blessing, it came down to funding. The Roswell Recreation Association was already looking for a signature project to celebrate their 50th Roswell Arts Festival, Sept. 20-21.

Perfect they said and wrote a check for $65,000 to get it done. Landscape architect Jay Reisinger turned a welter of ideas into a workable design. It was left to Daniel Owens, project coordinator for the Roswell Recreation Department and his crew to turn it into reality.

“I could not have been more pleased,” said Rumble.

Sally White, a long-time member of the Roswell Recreation Association said the results were splendid. The Recreation Association has raised more than $1 million for Roswell parks and for recreation.

“This Serenity Park fits right in with what we are all about. People should have a place to come where they can be reflective and just enjoy being outdoors. We think the people of Roswell will like it,” White said.



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