Don’t curb your home’s appeal – Add Curb Appeal

Don’t curb your home’s appeal – Add Curb Appeal

I have been in many amazing homes during my life and career; seeing them first, as everyone does, from the outside.  From those on the market for millions to those on the market for less than a hundred thousand, the common denominator for a faster sale begins with Curb Appeal. What is the first impression of YOUR home in the eyes of prospective Buyers?

Years ago I had an appointment to list a house on a private lake with 5,000 square feet of living space on three levels. It had a 4-car garage, a beautiful Foyer, and Gourmet Kitchen.  Although priced correctly there had been no contracts on it. But why?  A bad first impression. 

What Buyers see before stepping inside affects what they see once inside.  An unkempt exterior, shrubs not trimmed neatly, paint peeling, gutters sagging, weeds growing up through the mulch, signs of age in the shutters, windows, and roof; these are all red flags that say to Buyers, “If something as simple as lawn upkeep or a coat of paint has been neglected what’s been ignored inside??”

The Seller I visited was unwilling to do the simple things which make a huge difference to Buyers. They believed their home was worth top dollar as is.  You may not feel that way!

Here’s what I suggest: A no obligation, Curb Appeal Assessment.  In just a few minutes we can determine what needs to be done to make your home a Curb Appeal Winner for Buyers.  We have advised and negotiated thousands of transactions, and have the expertise to be your best advisor for a market-friendly sale!

We serve the communities and areas linked on this page, and will be happy to serve you!  Call me today for the no obligation, Curb Appeal Assessment.*

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* Our Curb Appeal Assessment is for Sellers who have not yet listed their home, and do not have an Agent already.  We are very careful to protect the integrity of all real estate transactions and agreements, including the relationships of all Agents with their customers.

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