Originals Wanted:  You and Canton Street!

Originals Wanted: You and Canton Street!

canton street scene 02

Canton Street with its shops, art galleries, restaurants and sidewalk cafes is a Roswell Original.  It’s bustling with vitality, having among its many awards the designation as a Great Place In Georgia.  Period storefronts of the historic district blend with eclectic treasures throughout the city.  A varied selection of items in a delightful setting, mixed with friendly service and warm smiling faces….

Yes, Canton Street is a Roswell Original.  You, too, are an original . . . just like Roswell’s beloved Canton Street.

Tonight through Sunday Evening make yourself at home in Canton Street’s eateries featuring sumptuous dishes for all tastes and desires! Browse the kitschy shoppes offering antiques, ice cream, gourmet olive oils, ladies fashions, and so much more!

Now turn your attention to the links on the right and start searching for YOUR home in Roswell.  Now is the time to relocate, upgrade, or downsize to the home that fits you, your style, and your needs!  Roswell, Georgia is the place to make these, and many other, dreams come true!  See YOU on Canton Street!

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