Spring Cleaning = A House Ready To Sell NOW!

Spring Cleaning = A House Ready To Sell NOW!

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It’s February and even though temperatures can still struggle to get above freezing there are weekends where temps are very Spring-like and EVERYBODY will be out doing important things like:

  • Going to the park for a picnic, or
  • Strolling a shopping paradise like Avalon in Alpharetta, or
  • Looking for a home like yours while interest rates are still really good!!

Every year there are Home Owners just like you who think, “This is the year we move into our dream home,” only to realize your own home may not be ready to Sell!  Yikes!  With demand at a steady and consistent high, you CAN sell your home for top dollar when you follow these 5 simple musts:

  1. Fresh Paint in a Neutral Color
  2. Update Kitchen
  3. Update Bathrooms
  4. Update Carpet with Neutral Colors
  5. Landscaping

ONE: Fresh Paint, in a neutral color, is your first and least expensive MUST.  A gallon of paint covers approximately 400 square feet of wall space. Very light shades of gray, eggshell, and taupe are great choices.  Why?  Because your prospective Buyers cannot see past that Navy Blue Accent Wall in your Bedroom! So, give them a great backdrop for their furnishings in the form of FRESH PAINT in a Neutral Color.

TWO: Update your Kitchen!   A) New faucet for your sink;  B) new parts for your stovetop;  C) updated pulls/knobs;  D) re-finish the cabinet fronts;  E) go hardwoods, or hardwood embossed ceramic tile; or F) All of the above!   Be budget friendly, and do as many of the five Kitchen updates you can!  There is no greater return on your Update-Dollars than in the Kitchen!

THREE: Update your Bathrooms!  A) New faucets (that match) for each bathroom and tub;  B) re-finish cabinetry and pulls/knobs;  C) go hardwood embossed ceramic tiles;  D) All of the above!  Same as your Kitchen.  Be budget friendly and do as many makeover pieces as you can, concentrating on the Master Bath, and most-used other bathroom.  If they don’t match in paint and fixtures, make sure they do.  Think Model Home!

FOUR:  Update any carpeting with Neutral Colors.  Hopefully your deep-pile, shag carpeting is gone.  Get current on your carpeting and go neutral just like on the walls.  Pink Carpet is great in your little girl’s room UNLESS you’re moving!  Go neutral!  And if hardwoods, or tile that simulates hardwoods, are less expensive than carpeting?  Choose the non-carpet option.  Most important are neutral color and budget friendly!

FIVE:  Landscaping = Curb Appeal!  If people driving by your house don’t see a pretty yard, it’s likely they won’t stop. If the paint is peeling, they won’t stay. More than any other single update, overgrown yards give the impression that home maintenance is not important.  If you won’t keep up your yard, that everyone can see, what else is being ignored??  That’s the impression overgrown islands, old mulch, and hedges that desperately need trimming can make.  Like #3 – think Model Home, and make the outside a head-turner!

The unofficial NUMBER SIX is call me!!  My team and I will properly advise you on how best to get your home ready to sell AND put you in touch with professionals whose job it is to make it happen!  Let’s do our Spring Cleaning Musts!

My Best Always,


FYI:  For Everything else, visit my friends at FunHappyHome.com and find the 7 Benefits of Spring Cleaning!

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