Super Bowl, Super Home, Super Purchase!

Super Bowl, Super Home, Super Purchase!

What do the Super Bowl, a Super Home, and a Super Purchase have in common??

Other than they are all ‘SUPER’ more than you might think! 

Buyers! This weekend is the PERFECT time go shopping for your new home.  Why?  In spite of all the Super Bowl Party talk, the numbers work out to a 50/50 split.  50% of people planning to watch the big game will either host a party, go to a party, or watch the game at a Bar (only 5%).  The other 50% will be home all afternoon this Sunday.  You only have to be concerned about the 5% who will feel pushed to get to a Bar for a good seat.  The remaining 95% will either be home all afternoon or at least until 4:00pm.  Add to that number the percentage of people who will NOT be watching the game at all! Awesome.  Let’s GO!

Sellers! This weekend is the PERFECT time to show your newly listed home!  Why?  Well, much like the first paragraph, 95% of people planning to watch the game will not be in front of TV before 4:30, and none of the people who DO NOT intend to watch the game will be waiting on it to come on.

Buyers!  Get out there and lock down YOUR Super Home this weekend!   Follow the plan of my Team, and you will likely be making a SUPER PURCHASE!

Sellers! Call me to get your home listed BEFORE Saturday, and when it’s priced right, the foot traffic will be better than the Super Bowl!

The Team to root for THIS weekend is MY TEAM at Keller Williams in Roswell!  We cover North Fulton, Forsyth, Cobb, and Cherokee, and can help you find or list your Super Home for a Super Purchase!  Awesome.  Let’s GO!

My best always!



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